Top 5 Tips To Follow When Getting Windows Redone

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Top 5 Tips That You Could Follow For Windows and Doors Replacement And Repair

You windows might have started to look really worn out, might be getting drafty or might as well be cranky while operating. You are either contemplating a repair or a replacement. Whenever you opt for windows and doors replacement, you should have a clear idea of what you are walking into beforehand. If you think that replacement is the only solution, think again. It might seem that the cost of the new windows is worth it because you will ultimately be saving energy. However, what your windows might really need is a simple repair like sealing all the air leaks.

While this may sound nice and easy, it not always is. Should you decide to seek processional help, windows and doors Ottawa is a great place to start. Canadian Choice has been in business for over 30 years, and they are experts in replacement and repair of windows. If you need a professional opinion on the status of your windows, I suggest you give them a call.

Find out the top 5 tips that you need to follow while getting your windows redone/replaced:

  1. Rotten frames

What will you do when you have rotten frames and window sashes that allow water and air leaks into your house? The cause could be anything like improper primer application or paint, insufficient seasoning, etc. Unless and until the damage is spotty, rotten frames would essentially require replacing and rebuilding the frames.

  1. High/Low

While you are getting your windows replaced and buying new windows, you should know the concept of high/low. How effectively a window prevents heat loss is determined by its high R-value. Windows with low-E or low emissivity will keep the heat inside in cold weather and outside in hot weather. You will need to determine your preference accordingly.

  1. Repairing all-wood windows

All-wood windows are durable enough to last more than 100 years. They could deteriorate quickly if they are left unpainted. The damage caused is mostly superficial and might not require replacement at all. Spotty damages can be repaired with penetrating liquid epoxy. Holes in sills and sashes can be filled in with epoxy putty. Tubular vinyl and adhesive foam are other weather-stripping solutions.

  1. For glass units

Glazing glass windows is an effective solution to replacement. If your glass units are fine, replace cracked and missing putty. However, you will definitely need to replace cracked single plane glass windows. If your double-pane windows are cracked or fogged, reseal or replace them with a glass fabricator.

  1. Your window options

While you are getting your windows replaced, remember to list out your window options. Here are a few common window types you could choose from:

  • Casement windows

These window types offer superb ventilation and remain tightly sealed after being closed. They swing in and out just like a door does and operates with an audible crank. This is ideal for hard-to-reach places that need easy access.

  • Picture windows

They are large and fixed and because of their dramatic size and shape, they let in a lot of natural light and offer unhindered view of the outside. These windows however, do not offer much ventilation.

  • Bay windows

Quite heavy and needing additional support, these windows are a staple in Victorian-style houses. With casements on either side, they are essentially made of a single fixed window in the middle.

While getting window or door renovations done, there are a number of things to be kept in mind and these pointers are a few significant ones that will help you to a great extent.