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Kitchen Renovation Tips

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A kitchen renovation is a big step to take, the tiniest improvements in your kitchen gives your lifestyle a whole new meaning. Regardless of whether you are remodeling the island, buying new utensils and kitchen appliances or just fixing new cabinet knobs, renovating your kitchen will make you feel at peace and it upgrades your home. Remodeling your kitchen is a great source of functionality, comfort, efficiency and glee to your cooking and gathering space, however, the process can be expensive, time consuming and also very demanding, therefore, you should not get into it rashly. Before even going to the showroom or your pro, there are a few things you need to consider. Know where to start and have a plan for the remodeling process, this is ensures that there are no surprises.

To start with, why are you renovating your kitchen? This is the first question that you should contemplate on, knowing the purpose of your renovation assists you in even knowing what to budget for and the path to take. For instance you could be replacing worn out cabinets, this requires things like knobs, hinges, among others. You could also want to make your kitchen more spacious and usable or just increasing the storage space. Pointing out why you want to remodel helps your professional contractor in advising you on the areas that are suitable for you.


Durability always depends on quality; ensure that you use high quality materials for your renovation. This ensures that your kitchen lasts longer, for instance when you use low quality slide drawers and hinges, opening and shutting your cabinet doors will be a nightmare, and your drawers will not also be opening after some time. Quality is always expensive, but remembers, cheap i s also expensive.

The first thing that the eye catches in your kitchen; the countertops, they are so noticeable. I recommend granite it is available in various colors, choose your color, dark or light, the price depends on the brand. Granite is the best since it is of high quality, and granite is granite, the chances of you getting low quality granite is almost zero; stone is stone. Moreover natural stones are more durable.

506b034cfb04d60a5100169f._w.1500_s.fit_The floor, this is another conundrum. Choose a floor type that compliments your cabinets and countertops. Durability, design and maintenance are things that you should always put into consideration. Granite and Limestone tiles are good choices but they may look awkward if not installed in the right way. Before picking any of them first consult your contractor on his expertise on these types of floors. If this does not fit in your budget, hardwood is also a good choice; you also save a lot with this type of floor.

Finally in your remodeling always consider how much time you need to keep the fixtures clean. Some surfaces such as countertops, marble, granite and terracotta are good at camouflaging stains and dirt. However, smooth surfaces and light such as ceramic and laminate show little dirt and are easy to clean. For cabinets you could paint or use the satin cabinets. Stained woods looks amazing but some finishes do not last long therefore you could go for the brush-painted cabinets for more personalization.

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